Refuse Collection

The City Beloit has contracted with Hiserote Trash Service for residential refuse pickup starting January 1, 2017.


Collection will be made once a week and will follow the following schedule:

  • Wednesday: Beloit South of 8th and West of Campbell, North of 8th
  • Thursday: Beloit South of 8th and East of Campbell

Holiday Schedule

The following schedule will apply to holidays if your trash day falls on that holiday:

  • Wednesday routes will be picked up the day before on Tuesdays.
  • Thursday routes will be picked up the day after on Fridays.

No Collection

No collections will begin before 7:30 a.m. Collection will be at the curb or street side in most instances. There are a few places in Beloit where the trash is collected in the alley. Please check with your neighbors for pickup location.

Complaints or Questions

Complaints or questions regarding trash service should be directed to Hiserote Trash Service:

Jamie Hiserote
Phone: 785-534-9680


The cost of refuse collection and disposal will be entirely supported by user fees. No tax money will be involved. The amount of this fee will be provided by City Ordinance.